Fashion Ideas for Independence Day

So the 4th of July is almost here which means the nations remembrance of Independence Day will be marked with fireworks, barbecues, picnics, family reunions but for some of us it also means fashion combinations of red, white and blue.

But what if you didn’t get that US flag T-shirt that was on sale or that stars and stripe pair of shorts that is now sold out?

Look at the calendar! Only a week left to order something and there is nothing left! OH, this can’t be happening! What to do?

Calm down, we are here to help. A few simple ideas can go a long way to fill in those last minute needs for that beach party or bond fire you are going to without feeling out of place.

US Flag Sunglasses
No matter what you wear a pair of US flag sunglasses always makes a great 4th of July accessory along with giving you the freedom to open up the rest of your outfit to other options. There are several different brands and styles of US Flag sunglasses such as round, oval, heart shape, glitter, metal frame, plastic frame and even peace symbol ones so it really is up to you to select which one works for you.

Wear a white top with blue bottoms or a blue top with white bottom.
OK, this may sound over done but that is because it works! You knock out two of the three colors in one shot, but I know you are thinking, ‘I really didn’t need to read this to figure this out’. Maybe you did, because every time someone says white top it quickly translates to ‘White T-shirt’ and blue bottom to ‘Blue shorts’. Did you stop for a moment and think about switching the colors around if you wanted to be noticed at a party? Remember, the flag is red, white and blue so unless you actually have the flag pattern on your clothes what you need to do is make sure you have all 3 colors on you. So a Blue top with white bottoms kind of covers that without breaking any rules, looks cute and makes sure you stand out of the crowd. Well you could be one of 20 other girls with the white t-shirts and blue denim shorts at that party or you can be that one girl with the cute blue denim shirt and the white denim shorts, it really is up to you.

Use Red Accessories
If you concentrate the use of red to your accessories while allowing white and blue to dominate your clothing you will find it will free up your options. Having red nail polish, red handbag, a red hat, red scarf, red hair pieces, red jewelry, red shoes, or any other red accessories can make a big difference in your outfit while spreading out your patriotic sense of fashion. So what are you waiting for? Make up for lost time and get something together for the 4th of July right now.

Black Leather Skirt – Fashion Ideas Dress Up Your Leather Skirt

One of the hottest looks in the past few months is that of the black leather skirt. Leather is always sexy and black is a great color. If you want to keep the look fashionable and edgy, here are a few great fashion ideas right from the runway that will help you make the most of this fashion.

To get a chic and subtly sexy look, a great idea is to go with an a-line style black leather skirt. This skirt is a lot looser than many other styles you’ll find, and it falls slightly below the knees. With this style, you’ll want to go with a sparkly metallic top or a nicely tailored jacked to make it really stand out.

Another fashion idea is to purchase a short black leather skirt. You can find these skirts in quilted leather, which really is a great look for the winter months. Add in a knit sweater or a turtleneck for a style that looks nice at work and great for after work for drinks as well.

Pairing a sexy leather mini skirt along with a blazer will give a sexy look, especially if you choose a blazer that is in a neutral color, such as camel. Make sure you dress this up with some great accessories and an awesome neckpiece to complete the entire look.

For a more flirty style, consider a nice a-line that lands just above the knees. You can give this a flirty and feminine appearance by wearing a sheer shirt in a light feminine color, such as pink. Add some flat boots and some nice jewelry to rock this look.

These are just a few fashion ideas that can help you make the most of a leather skirts. Having one of these as a part of your wardrobe is a great idea. You have many style options and so many different ways to wear these skirts that will range from flirty, to elegant, to sexy.

Fashion Ideas For a Christmas Party For Real Women

Once winter approaches, everyone starts updating their wardrobes according to the season. Winter is all about outfits that keep you cozy as well as make you look stylized. Going minimalist will not make you stand out this winter and Christmas, but will definitely make you go unnoticed.

Winter is attached with Christmas, an occasion everyone is waiting for. People wear new clothes, buy gifts for each other, cook delicious foods and decorate their homes. Fashion never seems so much important, until you realize that everyone around you is spending loads of money to look extremely fashionable on a particular day, when they have to meet their relatives, colleagues and friends; everyone in a single day.

Getting fashion tips and ideas is just a click away. But then again, one should be aware of their body type, and dress up accordingly, following a particular fashion trend. You cannot always wear what your favourite celebrity is wearing this Christmas, but you can always grab various fashion ideas and can then decide to buy outfits, shoes and accessories that fit you and your personality the best.

This Christmas, to keep the spirit alive, go for greens and reds. Invest in trendy coats, long sweaters, skinny jeans, printed leggings, scarves, knee length skirts, jeans, cardigans, wool head gears, printed socks and gloves and winter boots to look stylized and fashionable. Gone are the days when men and women preferred big sized cardigans and sweaters. This Christmas is all about looking fit and wearing outfits that make you look sleek and fresh.

Black has always been the colour for any occasion. Women and men loved and still love wearing black and dull coloured outfits. But, this time around, go for something brighter. If green and red does not excite you, go for purple, grey and hot pink.

Females should wear a short fur, leather or wool coat over a long fitted sweater or a top. If you choose to wear a long sweater, you can wear printed leggings underneath, along with your favourite knee length boots. If you decide to wear a top, you can wear a knee length skirt underneath, with printed leggings and long winter boots. Do not forget to grab the most important Christmas evening essential, scarf. Once you are all ready, wrap a cashmere scarf or a wool scarf around your neck. Wear accessories that make your Christmas outfit look trendier. You need to invest in cool clutches, belts and jewels that can be worn during the day as well as in the night. Christmas jewel items are available in stores all around you.

This article covers enough about what you wear and how you look; you should equally be concerned about your partners, father, brothers and male friends are wearing this Christmas. Males should wear bright coloured cardigans, along with neutral coloured blazers or a leather jacket. Women can wear jeans underneath and winter boots. They can wear a scarf; it will make them look classy. Males do not have many choices to choose from accessories; therefore, they should wear a designer watch and a brooch, once they are all ready.

All in all, this Christmas, the idea is to choose the right colour, the right cut, the right accessory and the right texture, creating attire that is unique and that enhances your entity.